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Feature request: audio or visual cue if NLP training is completed



  • Official comment
    Joachim Jonkers

    Hi Yanick,

    When the NLP is updating, there should be a spinner on the top right of the platform. When training is finished, it becomes the "brain" icon again. Is that not working for you?



  • Yanick van Altena

    It does, but as it can take somewhere between half an hour to an hour to complete I usually do other things on my device. Something like the title of the window flashing - like with chat messages ;) - to indicate that the training you started has completed would help draw your attention back to Chatlayer.

    Also, when working with multiple people if someone else started training or training is finished my attention is not at looking at the NLP training because I wasn't doing it. This makes it very easy to miss if someone else updated it.

    Perhaps it can be a temporary browser flashing tab title change if someone else updated it, and a more permanent one if you activated it yourself.

    Or just bigger notification bars instead of the small icon, as it has a huge effect on everyone in the project.

    Just thinking out loud here. Not high priority but nice to have in the future.


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