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Adding a variable without using a go-to



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    Joachim Jonkers

    Hi Ivan,

    Could you review this tutorial? I think it might resolve your use case.

  • Yanick van Altena

    I second this, the previous dialogstate is not always the most logical choice. For example, when asking a user's address there are multiple parts of the address to figure out. It could be better to send the user to the beginning of the address flow than to the previous part. The previous dialogstate would send them back to something like their housenumber, while they want to change their streetname.

    But this is also effective for different reasons.

    • Being able to add or update variables within a bot message without a go to makes it much easier to set things up for later go to's. 
    • It opens the way for more dynamic content through variables.
    • It allows adding custom variables for better data storage outside of Chatlayer.

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