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Superbots vs subbots



  • Peter.Schelander

    Hi Joachim,
    this would be a great feature!

  • Yanick van Altena

    In theory contexts already do this. I previously had an interesting discussion with the person who designed the 'mega-agent' that you see in Dialogflow. We agreed that it is useful for organizations that have a difficult time working together in the same bot and have many teams working on many sub-bots or environments. For them it's absolutely added value. However, for more streamlined organizations the usage of contexts fixes everything and prevents 'cutting off' information that is not available in certain bots. You would always have to create a navigation structure or data handover to other sub-bots, as they might use different variable naming schemes or have other incompatibilities. Ultimately a single bot is better for the user, but does require more investment time.


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